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A quick and easy-to-read tale that lays out a practical, trust-based system for defining Expectations, creating Agreement and Tracking progress in any project or purchase.


EAT will teach you a proven approach to interacting with others that will assure that you deliver results that dramatically exceed expectations whether as a manager, employee, or as a member of a team... and guarantee you get everything you want as a customer!

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Lawyer's Compass Events

The Lawyer's Compass

          State Bar of Georgia

          March 13, 2024

Eversheds Annual Ethics Presentation

          Atlanta, Georgia

           March 20, 2024

​​Becoming a Different Kind of Lawyer 

​​          Notre Dame Law School

           August 19-20, 2024


Becoming a Different Kind of Lawyer: Your Practical Compass

​​          Notre Dame Law School

           September 13, 2024

Participant Polls


We will address each of these polls throughout the day.  Your participation will help enrich the experience for you and others.



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