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Recent Participant Comments and Evaluations



ICLEF, Indianapolis, Indiana, December 18, 2015


"[The Lawyer’s Compass] turned out to be one of the finest new programs we have developed for an end of the year offering.  The reviews were off the charts.  John fully puts into perspective the key elements of professionalism that go hand in hand with client confidence, trust, integrity, good decision making and character, but he also gives an unexpected confidence and happiness to the audience in their chosen profession."


Jeff Lawson

Program Director

Indiana CLE Forum


  • 96 % of attendees commenting rated both the Content and the Speaker, John Moore, as "Excellent".


Comments About The Material

  • Maybe the best CLE I’ve attended in 38 years of practice.  Bravo.      

  • This was perfect.

  • John shared information particularly helpful to meet the needs of a lawyer who will need to adapt to the future legal profession not just on a statistical or objective level but on a human nature level. 

  • Content was presented in an engaging manner that maintained my interest.  Very thought provoking- asking participants to evaluate happiness.

  • Brilliant use of visuals, examples, and outside works to prompt useful self-examination.

  • Very helpful approach to ethics- makes the rules concrete and understandable.

  • Thank you for taking the time to prepare and present this excellent seminar.  One of the best that I have attended.

  • Excellent material; material was substantive, relevant and meaty.

  • Very much needed.



Comments About the Speaker, John Moore

  • John made the topic interesting and fun, especially with the Interactive process that was used.

  • Speaker obviously loves to teach and is super enthusiastic which makes learning from him a joy.  Thanks.

  • Very engaging and enjoyable!  You can tell Mr. Moore knows his subject matter & is a well-researched, charismatic presenter.

  • Great enthusiasm and knowledge from speaker.  Good multi-media presentation.  Practical and thought provoking.

  • Wonderful, passionate and energy galore-love the presentation.

  • John Moore was outstanding.  High energy and doesn’t “weardown” toward the end!

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