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ICLEF, Indianapolis, December 18, 2015


Thanks to all who attended the ICLEF presentation of “The Professional Compass” on December 18, 2015 in Indianapolis. 


The day was exciting and full and well received by the participants.  It is our hope that all who participated will visit and follow along with the ongoing discussion and blog posts of the topics we covered during our day together.  Remember one of our watchwords for the day: It is not what you know, or what you do, but, rather, who and how you are that will determine your future success in the law!


Thanks, too, to the fabulous ICLEF staff and The Professional Education Group for producing a great show.


As promised, here are links to the results of the various surveys that participants took during the day.  To view the survey results, simply click on the name of the survey!


Introductory Survey Results


Civility Survey Results


Values Supporting Trust Survey Results


Personality Type Survey Results


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