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The Professional Compass Begins

The past few months have been quite an exciting time as the first presentation of "The Professional Compass: Character, Ethics and Trust in Modern Legal Practice" approaches. The written materials went to press today. The work continues on the new presentation materials which will utilize Prezi, instead of PowerPoint, in a way that will engage those attending. This website is a new tool as well, created with the hope that it will become a point of discussion and a resource to those who participate. But, all of that is mechanical.

The real excitement has come from the process of integrating the many thoughts and themes on life as a lawyer that make up the material. The core of the presentation flows from the realization that the future of the legal profession will call upon lawyers to be be more human in their approach to live a fully integrated set of positive values. And, in doing so, we lawyers may well have the opportunity to reverse the negative perceptions of our profession so widely, and in many instances, quite deservedly held by those who come in contact with us.

My hope is that those who attend will come to see the future of our profession, and of their lives, in a much more positive and optimistic way.

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