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Civility in Practice Survey

Commentators have noted a three-part crisis facing the legal profession: lack of civility among lawyers, negative public perceptions of the legal profession, and mental health and substance abuse issues among attorneys.


We have developed a survey to help assess and measure civility in practice.  Modeled closely after a survey promulgated by Professionalism Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court, the survey will help establish the extent to which a lack of civility exists and the challenges presented to the legal profession.  


Once concluded, the survey results will be reported here.  Thanks for your participation!

The Lawyer's Compass Workshop December 18, 2015

Thanks to all who attended the ICLEF presentation of “The Professional Compass” on December 18, 2015 in Indianapolis. The day was exciting and full and well received by the participants. Thanks, too, to the ICLEF staff and The Professional Education Group for their great efforts in promoting the program and equipping the participants for success.  You can access information on the Workshop by clicking below.

Lawyers and the Crash of the The Driverless Car


What does the recent crash of a driverless car teach us about the future of the legal profession?


Learn more by reading our newest blog post, "When the Rubber of Artificial Intelligence Meets the Road:  Will We Ever Ride in Driverless Cars?"

Lawyer's Compass Workshop 

Certified for "Applied Professionalism" Credit

The Indiana Supreme Court Commission on Continuing Legal Education has certified The Lawyer's Compass as a course which meets Indiana's "Applied Professionalism" requirement.  Each newly licensed Indiana lawyer must complete a six-hour course covering a variety of professionalism and ethics topics within their first three years of practice.  We are thrilled to be able to present this material as part of welcoming new lawyers to the profession!

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